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Touristic and recreational complex

The touristic and recreational complex of area consists of:

  • medical-sanatorium and improving establishments

  • turistical-excursion routes of different structure.

Thermal and mineral waters

The medical-sanatorium establishments of the area are the most attractive due to disposition of thermal and mineral waters in them. In Beregovo functions a sports-complex named "Zakarpattye", which also possesses mineral waters and a hotel for accomodation of 150 guests. The complex is in possession of a sports hall with modern synthetic cover, and some gymnastic and athletic halls either. During one year the sports centre gives different services for the sum of 353 thousand hriveny.

  • Sanatorium - prophylactorium "Kosino" in village Kasony can accomodate up to 100 men for improving by thermal waters (with chloryne-sodium, mineralization 9.8 ml/l. in 50-52 0?, there is also available a physico-therapeutic cabinet, ozocaratic and bathing department. During one year the sum of 99 thousand hriveny is granted of services.

The boarding houses basically situated on the banks of river Borzsa:

  • The boarding house "Borzsova" lies in village Borzsova. Having 25 Finnish houses made of wood, a sauna, a restaurant on 200 people, the house can place 200guests. There was prepared a draft of opening of a pool with thermal medical water.

  • The boarding house “Energetic”, owned by Transcarpathian system of energy is situated in village Veliki Remeti. It can place about 100 guests and has a sauna and a canteen.

  • The motel "Vita" in Kasony has its own restaurant. The motel itself is for 12 guests, and also has parking places.

  • The motel "Small mountain " in village Bakta has its own restaurant. The motel itself is for 12 guests, and also has parking places.

  • During august, 2001 "Sorkertihotel", a new accomodational place has been opened.It is a motel with 15 places, a restaurant and a parking place.

On the territory of the area there are 36 thermal and 16 mineral sources of water in 17settlements. The greatest debit of thermal water is in sanatorium – prophylactorium "Kasony" - 6000 m3 in a season, on others from 100 up to 200 m3. Average temperature of thermal water near the exit varies from 12 up to 560C. The available thermal waters are widely used for treatment of 14 kinds of gastric diseases and intestinal complaints.

Prospects of development
Touristic-recreational routes

  • Development of a touristic-excursional route on a narrow-gauge railway route Beregszasz-Kusnica.

  • Development of water sports (sailing, navigation) on the lake of the sandy quarry near village Dejda.

  • To create necessary conditions for development of village tourism. For this purpose was created the regional organization of Union assistance of development of green tourism.

  • To develop hunting tourism in State Forestry of Beregovo.

  • To develop excursion routes with the aim of getting acquaintance with traditions of winemaking and conservation of wine-products in special cellars by state farm - factories of Beregovo and Muzsijevo, then at companies "Quadro" and "Eisberg" with their tasting.

  • To develop excursion routes with the aim of getting acquaintance with the historical past and architectural monuments of the district of Beregovo.

There are large stocks of minerals in the area. The most widespread of all is:

- Clay /for execution brick and tile production /
- Building stone
- Building sand
- Perlit
- Chaoline
- Polymetal ore
- Barite ore mixed with germanium.

The industrial exploitation of perlite, chaoline and polymetal ore is arranged with its processing in a place. Recently the draft on exploitation of barite ore in the deposit of Velikij Bigany is developed.

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