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Social sphere

There are 44 educational establishments in the district of Beregovo, in  which 8016 schoolchildren study. The different types of educational institutions as much as possible satisfy needs of the population. In particular, there is a secondary grammar school with Ukrainian language of study and another one with Hungarian language of training, two Liceums, three educational complexes, a "School - garden", a boarding school and others.
With the purpose of professional orientation of the schoolchildren in primary and secondary schools of villages Veliki Beregi, Varijevo, Batyovo classes with different professional training are organized /e.g. weaving, tractor driving, vegetable-growing and grape-growing, computer operating/. In the Ivanovo Agricultural Liceum simultaniously with getting secondary education pupils acquire a profession. Namely: vehicle and tractor driving, electrowelding, book-keeping, sewing and typewriting with bases of office-work.
The deepening of knowledge, development of abilities and practical habits of schoolchildren is assisted by work of out-of-school establishments of the area: The House of Children's Creativity and Children's and Youth’s Sports School.
There is an advanced network of preschool establishments in the district. In 36 preschool establishments 780 children are being brought up. There is a State Children's House for mentally retarded children in Bene, where 39 children are being brought up.
For graduates of comprehensive schools favorable conditions are created for continuation of training in higher educational institutions.
In this area functions the Transcarpathian Hungarian Teacher’s Training College on 470 students /taught by 50 teachers /, a medical vocational school in Beregovo on 574 students /36 teachers /, and a specialized secondary school on 586 students /60 teachers /.
On the base of the secondary school ? 1 in Beregovo a branch of the Uzhorodian institute of computer science, economy and right has been opened.

Medical establishments of the district presented thus:

- 1 regional psychiatric hospital on 500 beds of places /413 people of staff/.
- The central regional hospital on 451 beds of places /1110 people of staff, including 199 doctors / .
- A local hospital in village Varijevo on 15 beds of places /37 people of staff /.
- 17 medical ambulance stations /112 people of staff / .
- In a village of a urban type Batyevo there is a medical-social centre for rehabilitation of children taking drugs.

The network of cultural and artistic establishments of the area consists of 44 institutions of a club type, 41 libraries, 4 children's art schools, the Hungarian drama theatre named after Djula Illyes, 4 museums on public basis.
The revival of folk art, development of amateur art performance and organization of leisure for the population is provided by the Regional centre of culture and leisure, local house of culture "Geologist", 2 village houses of folklore / In: Veliki Berehi, Kvasovo/, a leisure centre /in Beregujfalu/, 12 village houses of culture, 4 urban and 19 village clubs, 4 clubs - libraries.
The artists and masters of national decorative - applied art established the creative association "Bereg", which gathers the deserved artist of Ukraine Anna Horvath, artist Sandor ?mre, members of the Artists’ Union of Ukraine Joseph Garanyi and Peter Veres, national masters of art Marian Profus, Ibolya Derceni, whose works several times were on displays throughout Ukraine and on regional exhibitions.
The 41 libraries of the centralized library system attracted to reading 38.4 % of the population. 620.4 thousand copies of the publications are provided for the readers. The libraries’staff comprises 68 persons.
At children's schools of aesthetic education 790 schoolchildren study with the help of 109 teachers taking part in the educational-tutorial  process.

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