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Economic potential of area

According to the data of the Uniform state register of the enterprises and organizations stated on November 1, 2001,there are 1186 subjects of enterprise activity in the area.
More than half of contractors use collective pattern of ownership,one third – use the private form, and the rest of them are occupied by municipal or state ownership.
The most of the subjects of enterprise activity are engaged in enterprises with the following kinds of economic activity:

- Agriculture - 24.8 %
- Wholesale and retail trade - 24.1 %
- Manufacturing industry - 13.9 %

Leading branches of economy in the area are:

- Light industry - /50 of % of general regional volume of execution/
- Food-processing industry - /32 %-general regional volume of execution/
- Mineral industry - /7.8 %/
- Machine - building and metal - work - /4 %/
- Mills - 3.6 %

Execution of industrial production grows from year to year:

- In 1999 - 23.2 million hriveny.
- In 2000 - 37.3 million hriveny.
- For 10 months of the year 2001 - 52.6 million hriveny.

The main enterprises of area and the list of their production are the following:

  • Light industry

- "Ukrprodzdest sewing factory of Beregovo" – joint-stock company – release of sewing products.
- "Hoch-Bereg" – joint venture –– release of sewing products.
- OOO "Bonds - tone" - release of sewing products.
- "Sportrekvizit" - joint venture –– release of sports sewing products.

  • Food-processing industry

- "Butter factory of Beregovo" - joint-stock company – release of dairy products.
- " Meat combine of Beregovo " - joint-stock company – release of sausage products.
- "Canning factory " - joint-stock company – release of canned vegetable food.
- "Quadro" - joint venture –pouring of wines and juices.
- “Kotnar”- joint venture –pouring of wines and juices.
- "Eisberg" - joint venture – execution and pouring of wines.
- "Tobacco factory " - joint-stock company – preparation and processing of tobacco.
- "Novotek" - joint venture – execution and pouring of beer.
- "Beregiv-bread" - joint-stock company – execution of baking products.

  • Mechanical engineering 

- "Experimental-researching factory of Beregovo" - joint-stock company -– execution of filling stations and garage equipment is skilled.
- "Bertoch" - joint-stock company – execution of equipment of the exact mechanics.
- OOO "Merchurij" - execution and repairing of bus bridges LAZ and Icarus.
- "Radio factory of Beregovo" - joint-stock company –– execution of computer facilities and household electrical devices.

  • Wood-working industry

- "Victoria" - joint-stock company – execution of furniture.
- " Wood-working combine " - joint-stock company – execution of joiner's products.
- "Ligninpex" - joint venture – processing of wood.
- OOO "Numinator" - joint venture – processing of wood.

  • Mineral industry

- OOO "Zakarpatpolymetal" - mining and processing of polymetal ore.
- "Cheramnadra" - joint venture – production of caoline.
- "The mine of Beregovo " - joint-stock company – manufacturing perlite.

  • Milling industry

- "Combine of bread-products of Beregovo" - joint-stock company – execution of flour.
- "Combine of bread-products of Batyevo " - execution of flour.

Due to the biographic position, area is interesting from the viewpoint of  development of external economic activity. There are almost 60 subjects of enterprising activity in the area, the main feature of which is external economic activity. Due to this activity foreign investments for development of economy of area are constantly involved.
Thus with state on October 1, 2001 investments on 11 million US dollars, about 100 thousand DM and 140 thousand hriveny were involved in the area. Besides it, several investment business - plans have been worked out by the following enterprising companies:

- Joint venture "Eisberg", for the sum of 0.5 millions US dollars with the aim of cultivation of grapes, establishment of own nursery for cultivation of choice grapes.
- OOO " Nidan + ", for the sum of 1.5 millions US dollars and on establishment of natural fruit-juice execution.
- Joint venture "Novotex", for the sum of 400 thousand US dollars on establishment of malt execution from own barley for manufacturing beer.

In the current year there are 4 investment drafts being under realization according to the Law of Ukraine " About a special mode of investment activity in the Transcarpathian region". The common budget cost of the drafts constitutes of 6075.3 thousand US dollars, out of which 5521.4 thousand US dollars have been already mastered. During 2001 realization of the investment draft on " Radio factory of Beregovo" joint-stock company’s production of household electronic equipment for the sum of 534 thousand US dollars was begun. According to the state of 01.09.2001. 300 new workplaces were created here.
By the end of this year preparation of the investment draft based on -"Experimental-researching factory of Beregovo" - joint-stock company’s execution of products from aluminium on a total sum of 500 thousand US dollars will be completed. Hungarian partners have appeared as investors in the case of this company, where it is supposed to create 100 new workplaces.
In accordance with the state on September 1, 2001, the enterprises of the district accomplishing different investment drafts, have created 497 new workplaces.
13 collective farms have been reformed in this area on the basis of which 31 agricultural units came to existance. They were founded on the basis of private possession of land, as well as on the grounds of their renting for usage.
There are 45 estates involved in agricultural activity, 314 - peasant-farms and 26824 personal part-time farms of the inhabitants by which they possess 33.7 thousand hectare of plough-land. Out of this land 18.1 thousand hectares are used for growing grain crops, 0.6 thousand hectares – for technical plants, 2.7 thousand hectares – occupied by potatoes, and 2.8 thousand hectares – by vegetables.
12500 owners of the right on land-particles got certificates proving it. 8350 of these certificates have been exchanged for the State certificates on the right of private property on ground. From 8350 owners of the land shares 5337 citizens have given in lease their shares to newly founded farms, and others have attached the land to personal part-time farms without creation of the legal personality.


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